The Nieman Foundation says there are over 2,900 Cuban public interest blogs.

Yoani Sánchez launched her blog, Generation Y, in April 2007. (Her first post contrasted the freedom Cuban's had to display posters saying “Go Santiago!” during baseball playoffs with their inability to display a poster saying “Internet for all!”). In 2011, she told us that the free blogosphere had taken off. A recent post on the […]

Cuba's sneaker net

Yaima Pardo, 34, in her home in Cuba as she describes her project PaSA(Paquete Semanal Autnomo), an independent weekly digital-media package for Cuba A recent article (English or Spanish) describes the black market distribution of music, soap operas, TV programs, movies, magazines, Web sites, etc. on flash drives. There is a tiered distribution system. A […]

Google has made Chrome available for download in Cuba – what has changed?

Google announced yesterday that folks with Cuban IP addresses can now surf to and download a copy of the Chrome browser. That is a small bit of good news, but, what has changed? While Google could not legally “export” Chrome to Cuba before yesterday, Cubans who want US software have always been able to […]